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Green Builder's Directory

Green Builder's Directory

1601 E 5th St, Austin (TX), 78702, United States

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О нас GreenBuildersDirectory.com aims to provide a comprehensive directory of local green building professionals, products and resources that help both homeowners and building professionals build and rehabilitate sustainable structures.
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Миссия Hi, my name is Carson and I am managing this website. Although I am not a builder nor do I sell green building products, I am passionate about sustainable, energy efficient building. I live in one of the flagship green condominium projects in Austin, Texas. I am currently reaping the benefits.

I’m not a Birkenstock wearer, nor have I ever chained myself to a tree (although I love granola). What I do know is that in terms of energy and water use, nothing holds a candle to buildings and structures. The amount of energy and water used in construction/ongoing use of our homes and buildings is enormous. Without serious efforts to build efficient buildings for the future, we will continue to waste finite resources (oil and water) at a breakneck pace. Forget carpools, forget your little recycling bins… Green building makes huge impacts when it comes to saving resources and cash.
Описание A directory of local green building professionals, products and resources. The site includes a robust user-managed green professionals and company directory, user forums, and a blog covering a variety of green building related articles and videos.
Основана 2005
Продукты New homes, efficient products, solar panels, PV systems, water heaters, forms, green materials, wood, metal, carpet, stone.

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