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Harvard Undergraduate Beekeepers

Harvard Undergraduate Beekeepers

56 Linnaean St, Cambridge (MA), 02138, United States

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О нас We provide students an opportunity to be active beekeepers as undergrads and to learn about the role and importance of bees in our local ecosystem.
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Миссия To our knowledge, currently there are no other directly honeybee-related, insect-related, or experiential apiculture education-related Harvard student organizations. We started with an idea in the Harvard Community Garden, but have since become an independent club. We have partnered in the past with the Food Literacy Project to bring bees into the important farm to table picture, and the Health Advocacy Project with a small honey tasting event.

Since 2006, honeybee colonies in the US have seen collapse rates of up to 90%. As key pollinators, honeybees are directly responsible for cultivation of over 30% of the most important food crops. HUB seeks to stimulate active discussion on campus about not only the plight of the honeybee, but also to educate about the incredible world of apiculture. We would seek to bring together groups with important stakes in the fate of beekeeping. From all parts of the Harvard community, from the RoboBees Laboratory designing robots that mimic hive behavior at the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, to the Environmental Exposure biologists working to link between declining bee health and pesticides at the School of Public Health.

Please email below to request to be on the HUB mailing list, a low volume announcement email chain for interested community members to stay in touch with relevant bee’vents on campus.
Описание HUB has taken a three-pronged approach to inspire bee activities on campus:
1. Cooperative Community Events: Bee’ducation Initiative
● Film screenings: hosted in collaboration with the Museum of Natural History, ex. More than Honey, Queen of the Sun, The Vanishing of the Bees
● Bee banquets: pollinator importance awareness food events hosted with the FLP
2. Experiential Apiculture: HUB Hive Project
● Installing and maintaining a beehive on the roof Pforzheimer House, with the approval of Environmental Health & Safety, and Harvard FAS Office of Planning & Physical Resources, the Harvard Center for the Environment, and the Pforzheimer House Masters
3. Community Training, Individual Skill-building: Campus outreach workshop series:
● Community speaker and event alerts through HUB mailing list: hub-beevents@lists.hcs.harvard.edu
● Organizing visits by local beekeepers and beekeeping instructors: ex. Wintersession 2014: "The Art, Science, and Craft of Beekeeping"
Основана April 2013
Продукты Crewneck Beekeepers Sweatshirt

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