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Life's Journey

Life's Journey

2627 W Republic Rd, A-108, Springfield (MO), 65807, United States

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(417) 501-1459

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О нас Serving Individuals One on One
Youth - Military - Homeless - Prison Ministry - International
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Миссия Serving Individuals One on One
Описание In December, 2005 our founder Roger A. Rekate had a life changing experience flying on a commercial airline leaving Las Vegas and was within seconds of crashing. The airbags came down and the stewardess walked past him saying “were going down,” including locking herself into her own seat not to help anyone. Roger’s partner later told him he was seconds from jumping off the plane looking out the window. The pilot later got control of the plane after the backup system finally started working and then flew back to the airport like they were in the Indy 500. The pilot later said in 30 years of flying this has never happened to me and you have something to tell your grandkids. “ I just remember praying that the Lord would save everyone on the plane” and I realized then my “Journey in Life” could be short and I wanted to start making difference in helping others. Within weeks my wife “Theresa” and I decided to start at a new church James River Assembly in Springfield, Missouri.

In April, 2006 after being at a the new church pastor John gave us a message to reach out and challenged me to get involved with helping others. I decided to volunteer for prison ministry to go into the Greene county jail every three months helping our prison team in the chapel. I have been blessed to see 1,000 men make decisions for Christ in the six years I have been involved and have seen the need to help these individuals one on one as they transition into society.

In April, 2010 the one on one idea was born where one person helps another and if they receive help the individual is then challenged to help another. The one on one program was named after the great “Pistol Pete Maravich” who became a Christian at age 40 after years of ups and downs. Pete was the all-time scorer in college Basketball history in just 3 years. He became an ambassador in helping others after he became a Christian really focusing on the youth of our country. Roger personally tested the one on one pr
Основана 2011

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