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Logan, Yumkas, Vidmar & Sweeney, LLC

Logan, Yumkas, Vidmar & Sweeney, LLC

2530 Riva Rd, Annapolis (MD), 21401, United States

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(410) 571-2780

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Описание Professional Experience
Sean Logan is a Federal Chapter 7 Banruptcy Trustee and bankruptcy attorney at Logan Yumkas Vidmar & Sweeney, LLC, a Maryland bankruptcy law firm that he founded.

From this experience as both a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney and Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee, he understands that unfavorable economic times can cause bad things to happen to good people. As a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee, receiver and liquidating agent, Mr Logan has acted as the Trustee for over 12, 000 Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings and other bankruptcy estates. He has successfully liquidated Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, construction companies, retail businesses, insurance companies, captives, and off shore businesses, returning ten of millions of dollars to the creditors and equity holders. He brings compassion and experience as both a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee and Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney to the table for his clients. As a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is difficult at best, it is comforting for a client to have this combination of personal service and experience on their side in such a trying matter.

In addition to Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, insolvency and bankruptcy estates, Mr. Logan has represented corporations, companies, partnerships and individuals in a wide variety of insolvency problems, recoveries and transactions including those that required complex claim and legal issue jurisdictional and contractual analysis. Mr. Logan’s expertise as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in unraveling complicated personal bankruptcies, transactional situations involving insolvent insureds, brokers, agents, assets, and causes of action has allowed for successful conclusions, and the pursuit of litigation and recovery, in otherwise difficult Chpater 7 bankruptcy filings and complex business transactions.

Before becoming a bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Logan has served as an Officer of Marines leading Infantry Platoons and Companies and has served as Legal Officer fo

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