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Kyiv, Ukraine

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Описание Lybidska is the 27th station of the Kiev Metro system that serves the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The station was opened as part of the Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska Line on December 30, 1984, located in between the Palats "Ukrayina" and Demiivska stations.The station provides passenger access to the Dzerzhynskoho Square, under which it is located. It served as the line's southern terminus for 26 years until 2010, when the line was extended to Vasylkivska. After the fall of Soviet Union in the beginning of the 1990s, the station was renamed "Lybidska" after the name of a nearby river—Lybid, on February 2, 1993.In 2011, the station has been listed as "newly discovered objects of cultural heritage," and monuments of architecture, town planning, and art. In May 2016 it was decided that the Soviet decorative piece at the end of the central hall will be removed to be displayed at a museum due to 2015 decommunization laws., Lybidska has a daily ridership of 28,500, and is operational every day from 05:48 to 00:00.ConstructionOriginally, a metro station was not planned to be built in the area, since there was no large residential neighborhoods or important transport junctions nearby. During the planning process, the station carried the name of "Ploshcha Dzerzhynskoho" or "Zavod Imeni Dzerzhynskoho," although the name was simplified and settled upon Dzerzhynska (Дзержинська), named after Felix Dzerzhynsky, communist politician of the Soviet Union.

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