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Muthu Professional Photography

Muthu Professional Photography

189 Seligie road , seligie centre,#02-10, Singapore, 188332, Singapore

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О нас I am a professional photographer with many years of experience behind me in photography and videography. See my new MR CINEMATICALS fb page for more info
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Описание Welcome to Muthu Professional Photography . I am a photographer for
all kinds of functions or occasions in Singapore and have been for the
past 20 years. I started this passion of mine in 1991, working part-time
alongside my Professional Radiography; dealing with Radiation as a full
time job

Presently, I have a beautiful studio with makeup artist and gown and
videographers as partners.Photography is a creative job that gets better with time. It takes open-mindedness and the ability to capture the essence of the present. I see progress every year in my photo quality, style, printing, albums and
so on. I now have sophisticated equipment to aid me as well. With pride
and satisfaction, I know my customers do love my job. Thank you very
much for visiting this site.

MUTHU ( Bsc. Radiography)

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