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100 King Street West, Toronto (ON), M5X 1E1, Canada

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О нас Offering global economic stimulus solutions and related financial services.
Миссия GOAL
To be recognized and used worldwide as a company that encourages fair marketplace practices and provides related financial services that addresses the current marketplace environment.


To provide our clients customized economic stimulus solutions and professional negotiation services by the most skilled negotiators in order to secure the best price possible on all major purchases. And to provide more financial advantages to our clients by offering related financial services.


"Superior Financial Solutions to Solve Today's Challenges."
Описание N.O.D. is an internet based organization that offers global economic stimulus solutions and related but superior financial services and solutions.
Основана 2008
Продукты Some of NOD's superior services includes:

- "NOD Daily Deals"... Log on daily to check out the highest group discounts offered only for a 24 hour window from the largest number of prescreened merchandisers on the internet!

- "Freedom Five"... Become financial free within 5 years.

- "Double Paydays"... Employees! Double your pay at your work in 2010 by urging your employer to use NOD's guaranteed "Double Payday" solution!

- "Emergency Investment Recovery Service"... Recover 100% of your money that you lost in the stock market.

- "Household Energy Expense Reduction"... Reduce your household energy expenses by arranging for a household energy expense reduction specialist to conduct a quick assessment at your home.

- "Expense Renegotiation"... Almost instantly reduce your monthly personal and/or business expenses.

- "Advertising Ownership"... Recover all the advertising dollars that your business had ever spent by upgrading from renting to NOD's advertising ownership opportunity (NAOO)!

- "Finance Yourself First"... 0% interest self-financing for loans and mortgages! Replace all your existing high interest loans, mortgages and debts with 0% interest self-financing.

- "Student Capital 1"... Pay off your tuition debt within 90 days!

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