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Pocket Fox Photography

Pocket Fox Photography

Oughtibridge, United Kingdom

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+44 7402 642924

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О нас I'm an outdoor and adventure sport/lifestyle photographer, with a bit of a soft spot for dogs. Usually in Sheffield. Often in Scotland.
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Описание Welcome to Pocket Fox Photography, and thanks so much for popping by. I have been taking photographs for almost ten years, but my life well and truly changed forever when I welcomed a foxy little border collie into my life. Since Loki became my mischievous sidekick and adventure buddy, dogs have pretty much become a permanent feature in front of my lens. If you spot me out and about with my camera, the chances are that there’s a dog not too far away! I absolutely love snapping those muddy paws, wet noses, and flying ears in the place where dogs feel most at home – the great outdoors. For dogs who are happier at home, or puppies who aren’t able to explore the wider world yet – I can also come to you. Anyone who has ever had the massive privilege of a dog’s friendship knows how special and wonderful it is. Get in touch with me to capture the joy and love of your four-legged friend.
Основана 2017
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