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Porter Panther, LLC

Porter Panther, LLC

2548 NW Upshur St, Portland (OR), 97210, United States

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(503) 222-5832

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О нас In North America, we’re called cougars. In South America, jaguar. In Asia, leopards.
And some say we’re a hybrid breed that doesn’t exist at all.

Lucky for us, myths make the best stories.
Porter Panther, LLC cover
Описание We write, produce, direct, edit, design and consult ‐ all with respect for the creativity of our clients.

Porter Panther is that rare classroom where every student has done his homework. We’re culture vultures, gamers, museum walkers, tech nerds, trivia titans, avid readers, artists, and scientists. We don’t know all the answers (that wouldn’t be any fun!), but we step up with darn good questions. We work with wires and wireframes, sets and crew, words, stories, metrics, Voodoo dolls, star maps, images, and your image.

Our work is a product of everything we encompass as a team: the passion to create; many years of film, television and video production experience; a penchant for working with clients to figure out their stories; and the ability to tell those stories in the marketplace of ideas.

In short, Porter Panther is the place where your stories take shape.

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