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Puhoi Bushman Honey

Puhoi Bushman Honey

Upper Waiwera Road, Puhoi, 0994, New Zealand

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О нас Small beekeeping business selling raw honey in and around our local Puhoi area. May be able to supply other bee products or services, ask away.
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Описание We are a small beekeeping business located in Puhoi and the surrounding area. Mostly focus on the bees and selling our own honey, (mostly Manuka Bush Blend) however it depends on the season (different every year).

We sell bees wax candles too and may be able to sell blocks of melted bees wax. We are often at markets and galas in and around our local Puhoi area mainly at the Silverdale market always on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Honey can also be bought from the Puhoi General Store.

Can provide free honey bee swarm collection if they are out in the open like on a tree/shrub/fence etc. Once they have settled into a crevice in the side of a building they usually can't be removed. 9/10 people who ring up with "bee swarms" actually have wasp nests, we can eliminate wasps but there will be a fee to pay for fuel and time.

May be able to supply other bee products or services, ask away

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