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Recovery;  One Day At A Time

Recovery; One Day At A Time

Ardmore (OK), 73443, United States

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Recovery;  One Day At A Time cover
Описание Drug Court is an alternative to incarceration program designed to rehabilitate eligible participants. The 20th District Drug Court Team consists of judges, lawyers, law enforcement, probation officers and treatment providers that work with clients who have a desire to recover from drug addiction.
This program addresses addiction issues which lead to criminal activity. In order to eliminate criminal activity, the Drug Court provides the tools necessary for the client to live a life of recovery rather than incarceration. Drug Court is not “soft” on crime. Any client who elects to participate in the program must adhere to various levels of treatment, supervision, and random drug testing throughout the program. And client who fails Drug Court will go to prison on a stiffer sentence than he/she would have received on a regular docket.
Drug Court is committed to rehabilitating the offender and keeping families together by encouraging excellence in the community through rehabilitative services. Before each client is eligible to graduate, he or she is required to give back to the community in some fashion as well as pay all outstanding court costs associated with the case.

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