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Sandeep Herbal Ayurvedic

Sandeep Herbal Ayurvedic

47-14 30th Ave, Astoria (NY), 11103, United States

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(718) 766-8875

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О нас We treat the root cause of disease, not just the symptom. Using Iridology (Iris analysis) we can get your body to an optimum health and prolong your life!
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Миссия The focus of treatment is rejuvenating the body’s eight (Circulatory; Digestive; Glandular; Immune; Nervous; Respiratory; Structural; Urinary) systems. As an Iridologist Dr. Mohsin uses pictures of the Iris to diagnose the root causes, and uses herbal supplements to rejuvenate weaker organs/glands and anatomic systems to bring a second life – disease free . Dr. Khan has a reputation of succeeding when all else fails.

The goal is to rejuvenate one's human anatomical ability. He has helped numerous clients with various health ailments reach optimum health and live life fully again.
Описание Internationally renowned Iridologist Dr. Mohsin Khan, MPH, ND, of Sandeep Herbal Ayurvedic is now in Astoria seeing clients. As an Iridologist, Dr. Mohsin diagnoses & analyzes the causes of symptoms; and, helps the body to rejuvenate weaker organs/glands and anatomic systems. The Cell Division Theory makes it possible if the body gets natural nutrition (food) - given the chance. Dr. Mohsin treats dysfunctional organs and glands with dietary supplements and teaches patients about food and life styles so that diseases do not reoccur. He uses ancient natural healing principles of "Food is Medicine". Dr. Khan has a reputation of succeeding when all else fails.

Dr. Mohsin corrects eight major systems (circulatory, digestive etc.) with the biological principle that eating natural foods (not genetically engineered, refined, processed, hybridized), your disease can be treated. Dr. Mohsin successfully treats Lyme Disease, Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Cancer, Body Pains, Skin, etc.

Find out how to keep a disease free life; to select food for meals - cooking and raw foods; understanding the anatomy; and, keeping hormones in balance.

For more information call us at 718-766-8875 or visit us at sandeepayurvedic.com. Contact Dr. Mohsin Khan at drmohsin203@gmail.com

Office locations are in Astoria, Westchester, and Dhaka - Bangladesh. Visit web for address
Награды ND from Trinity College, Indiana
MPH from Columbia University, New York
MIA from School for International Training, Vermont
MS in Statistics from Dhaka University, Bangladesh
Основана Dr. Mohsin Khan, MS, MIA, MPH, ND
Продукты Our natural food store - Everything Organic & Natural (EON) Market - is now open! Please come in and browse our selection!

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