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Colliery lane, Queensferry, CH5 2AZ, United Kingdom

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01244 531147

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О нас Come face to face with your worst fears at ScreamAcres this October in the dark, desolate and terrifyingly remote North Wales countryside.
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Описание SCREAMACRES 2016

An interactive horror experience based at Greenacres Animal Park in Deeside. You must be over 14 years old to enter.(Under 16s Must be accompanied by an Adult
Three years ago an outbreak of the Mortera virus spread across Southern Asia. This exploded across the continent and into Europe leaving unexplaind destruction in its wake.

The Polex institution has been re-commissioned by the British Military to tackle the correction of the Mortera virus victims this ensuring the survival of our great nation and the extinction of the viruse. Although military backed, Reverent Dr John-Dean Brentwood controls the Institution, his beliefs in experimental treatments are instigated throughout the camp. Rev Dr J D Brentwood admits all patients to correction through fear – FEAR IS CORRECTION! Patients who refuse treatment will be instantly eliminated!

All citizens who live on British soil must be admitted immediately. It has been confirmed by environmentalists and epidemiology experts that all citizens are highly likely to be infected and that nationwide screening must commence immediately. You are a risk to humanity until corrected. Those who refuse will become victim to the plague that is Vixeiro; a flesh eating sub species of human beings. They are vicious, violent and unyielding flesh eaters that savage the innocent.


Call: 01244 531147 Or email info@screamacres.co.uk for more information

Running from Friday 21st October to Monday 31st October 2015!


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