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Siding Repair And Installation

Siding Repair And Installation

6400 Village Pkwy, 94568

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Siding Repair And Installation cover
Описание We install vinyl siding from foundation up. Strips of vinyl siding are already designed to snap together. At the top portion of each sliding strip holes or slots that allow you to attach the siding to the exterior walls. Each vinyl siding strip has a little channel below it. When a new strip of siding is installed, the bottom portion of the top piece of siding will be locked into that channel.

Best Exteriors specializes in removing, replacing and installing vinyl siding. Installing vinyl siding is a good option if you like its look and feel, but don’t want to invest into cedar and other more expensive materials. It is also a good option for you if you don’t want to have to have regularly paint your house. Siding will last longer and will add a special look and feel to your home.

Prior to starting the work, we will ask you to prepare the spaces around your house by moving any types of decor, pots of plants or anything else that might be blocking the work spaces. This will give our team enough room to safely install the siding.

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