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Silverfil Argentum- Non-Toxic Dental Filling

Silverfil Argentum- Non-Toxic Dental Filling

181 S Bloomingdale Rd, Bloomingdale (IL), 60108, United States

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О нас SilverFil Argentum is the world's first and only pure silver filling with no free mercury and no BPA. A revolutionary material!
Silverfil Argentum- Non-Toxic Dental Filling cover
Миссия People are often judged by their actions. Similarly, a Company is perceived by it's actions, which is a reflection of its basic values and principles.

In order for an organization to maintain its long term success and stability, its values and principles must be ingrained into every single task, transaction, decision and employee.

Our core values are QUALITY, RESPECT and INTEGRITY

We are a Quality Management System certified Company. Quality is in everything we do. From production operations to management decision-making, quality is a prominent factor at DPMfg, and this is reflected in our Quality Policy.

To gain respect, one must learn to give respect. At Silverfil Dental Products, we understand the importance in respecting our employees, customers and the people we do business with, and earning their respect in return.

An organization's integrity is linked to the integrity of its employees. That is why all our employees know and embrace the importance of professionalism, responsibility and honesty, the underlying factors of integrity.
Описание SilverFil Argentum is the world's first and only pure silver filling with Zero mercury. A revolutionary material, SilverFil Argentum works just like any other dental filling, employing the same usage and handling techniques, but minus the problems of excess mercury and Bisphenol A within the fillings.

Unlike conventional dental amalgams, Silverfil Argentum consists of only silver particles and a partially amalgamated silver-mercury compound. It contains no tin or copper.

The highly reactive Silver powder of Silverfil Argentum completely absorbs all of the mercury used for amalgamation, leaving no traces of any excess mercury behind in the fillings (tested at City University, London and University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur).
Награды ISO 1559: 1995 Compliant
ISO 24234: 2004 Compliant
BS EN 1641: 2004 Compliant
CE Mark
Основана Dr. Radha
Продукты SilverFil Argentum- Pure Silver Dental Filling.
Available in 1,2 and 3 spill self-activating capsules

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