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Singapore Expat Guide

Singapore Expat Guide

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

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О нас Singapore Property Investment Guide for Expat and Local
Миссия To be a first class service provider in the property world.
Описание Hi everyone! Welcome to Singapore! Let me introduce myself and my country. I'm Ali, your property investment guide, is eveready to help you navigate your way around Singapore. Here is a brief story of my country. Way back in the past, Singapore is a tiny fishing village called Temasek, until it was founded by a British statesman named Sir Stamford Raffles. Raffles, realising the geographical location of Singapore, turned it into a trading town, inviting rich merchants from all over the Malay Peninsula to trade in Singapore. His strategy works and Singapore, from a tiny fishing village, has overtime, transformed into a City. A city with very strong economy, government, security and corruption free. With a multi-racial and religion population of 5 millions + and no natural resources, and form only a tiny red dot in the world map, Singapore managed to convince the world that She is successful, pulling lots of investors to invest here. New attractions were built such as The Movie World in the resort island of Sentosa, The Marina Bay Sands Casino and the Singapore Flyer. Even the Formula One night race has been conducted a few times here. Do feel free to message me of any inquiry you might have....

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