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MAANS Restoration and Protection Details

MAANS Restoration and Protection Details

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О нас At MAANS Restoration we work with you to achieve the results you're after. We're a bespoke shop that's all about you and brining your dream to reality.
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Описание Superficial Details is a high end detailing & ceramic coating company. We work on auto, marine, home, industrial products. The coating of choice is C9 Coatings. An industrial derived coating that is adapted to now be used for virtually any surface. It is totally transparent, highly scratch resistant, creates high gloss, very easy to clean, chemical proof, heat resistant to 1400 to 2200 degrees F, has UV inhibitors in to provide against fading and lastly, self cleaning properties when becomes wet. The coating becomes a sacrificial layer to whatever it is applied to too protect your investment and retain the value of it.

For Auto, including recreational vehicles, paint correction is another service offered. This relates to the safe removal of surface scratches and swirls caused by improper washing and or maintenance of the vehicle. Scratches and scuffs caused by parking lot accidents or bumps into the surface of the paint work. This is not the same as taking your second biggest investment, your car, to the full service detail facility and have an inexperienced person make your finish worse. Proper training and years of experience go into proper techniques go into creating the best finish.

The product becomes totally safe in any application once the solvents used to help spread the coating during application, have evaporated. This takes about 24 hours.
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