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The ESH Ice Arena

The ESH Ice Arena

4831 Canyon St, Detroit (MI), 48236, United States

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(313) 885-4100

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О нас The ESH Ice Arena is owned and operated by East Side Youth Sports Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of youth sports on the east side of metro Detroit.
The ESH Ice Arena cover
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Grow Hockey
ESHF supports many initiatives dedicated to increasing the number of children playing hockey and developing a life long passion for the sport. The Foundation hosts “Try Hockey for Free” days at the arena providing children the opportunity to step on the ice and experience the wonders of hockey at no cost.

Provide Youth Players Financial Support
East Side Hockey Foundation provides equipment, jerseys and subsidized ice-time as well as scholarships to assist local families with hockey costs. Over 200 sets of equipment have been provided to children ages 3-8 in the Learn to Play Hockey 8U program. The Foundation has also reduced ice-time costs by up to 72 percent, representing a savings of over $95,000 for teams during the 2014/15 season.

Develop Life Skills
Through hockey, ESHF provides players life lessons that will assist them on and off the ice including
loyalty, dedication, teamwork, commitment, listening skills, self-confidence, social skills & strategic thinking.

Promote An Active Lifestyle
Hockey provides numerous physical benefits that allow players to develop an active and healthy lifestyle including coordination, endurance, agility and balance, upper and lower muscular strength and cardiovascular exercise.

Update the ESHF Ice Arena
In August 2014, the East Side Hockey Foundation purchased the Grosse Pointe Community Rink and renamed it the East Side Hockey Foundation Ice Arena. The purchase protected the Bulldogs Hockey Club from losing its home rink and ensured that the legacy of hockey on the east side of metropolitan Detroit will continue for generations. Phase one of the ESHF Ice Arena renovation is designed to improve and update the facility. An architectural firm is in the process of providing an assessment of the rink mechanics, and the Foundation looks forward to announcing the designated 2015 renovations. The vision is to not only create an updated facility, but revitalize the area, becoming a partner with the l
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