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The Sweatshop

The Sweatshop

Medfield (MA), United States

Как добраться

(617) 640-1056

Время работы
ПН 05:30 – 19:30 СБ 06:00 – 12:00
ВТ 05:30 – 19:30 ВС 10:00 – 12:00
СР 05:30 – 19:30
ЧТ 05:30 – 19:30
ПТ 05:30 – 19:30
О нас Personal and Group Training with Robin Shean
Boxing and Group Training with
Flower Kausel and Annie Clay
The Sweatshop cover
Описание The Sweatshop is a private gym where people can come and feel comfortable to push themselves without fear of being judged or criticized. I encourage my clients to work outside of the box and challenge them to be their very best. The byproduct of that type of training is total fitness.

I have group, semi private and private options to fulfil all my clients needs wants and desires.

My Group Trainings give members the opportunity to workout at a reduced rate with a trainer, while enjoying the energy of group fitness.
The semiprivate groups are for individuals that would like a more focused approach to their fitness and goals. The groups are small and there is a Team approach to everyone's challenges and achievements.
The private trainings are designed for that specific client's goals. During the private training I will work with you through all exercises. I will help you with your form and explain to you why we are doing each exercise and how that fits into your fitness plan.

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