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Ebène, CyberCity, Mauritius

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О нас VIPartners invites you to join our exclusive world of luxury, style and elegance, which is only available to successful people.
VIPartners cover
Описание Remember the time when online shopping became a trend and you imagined yourself cozily sitting in your couch scrolling through wide range of products,all bright eyed and ecstatic??But all you can find yourself doing nowadays is,tiringly scrolling through this and that,never finding the product of your choice and bargaining the fact if shopping on foot was anymore demanding. This is where VIPARTNERS comes to change the tiresome task of online shopping which was actually meant to de-stress you not distress you. Say no to under eye bags,stocking up of unwanted pricey things to wish list,to endless scrolling and truckloads of Internet consumption
Основана 11/11/2011

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