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Zinneken's Belgian waffles

Zinneken's Belgian waffles

1154 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (MA), 02138, United States

Как добраться

(617) 876-0836

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ПН 09:00 – 23:00 СБ 09:00 – 23:00
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О нас Belgian waffles made by actual Belgians.
Кухни Breakfast, Brunch, Creperies, Fast Food, French, Vegetarian
Специализация ресторана Завтраки, Кофе, Ужины, Напитки, Обеды
Услуги ресторана Доставка, Столовая, Группы, Детям, На вынос, Прохожие
Zinneken's Belgian waffles cover
Описание Best Belgian waffles 2012 (Boston Phoenix) | Boston's Best waffles 2012 (CBS Boston) | Most mouth-watering waffle in the Nation! 2012 (The Thrillist) | Best bakery in Boston 2014 #2 (#2 A-list WGBH) | Best bakery in Boston 2016 (#3 A-list WGBH)

Our sweet Liege waffle is made from dense dough encrusted with Belgian pearls of sugar. When baked in the waffle irons, the dough cooks and the pearls caramelize. This results in a rich, sweet, indulgent waffle. Truly sinful!
Our dough is defined by the exclusivity of both its texture, aroma and taste. We are proud to say that we sell the only authentic Belgian waffles in the greater Boston area. To ensure freshness, the waffles are baked right in front of you and then topped with your choice of our delectable topping offerings. From fresh strawberries to imported Belgian chocolate and Speculoos, everything is high quality and delicious!

Our Brussels-style waffles (light and crispy) are made from a delicate batter with fresh yeast - not baking powder - and are original in shape, texture and taste. Perfect for a quick and light snack or dessert.

We may deliver in your area!
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Zinneken's Harvard Square:
1154 Massachusetts avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138 - tel (617) 876-0836



Facebook: www.facebook.com/zinnekens
Twitter : @zinnekens @zinnetruck
Instagram : @zinnekenswaffles

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