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ZWO65 Coworking Trier

ZWO65 Coworking Trier

Klaus Kordel Strasse 4, Trier, 54296, Germany

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О нас Coworking Space in Trier - Petrisberg - Fix/Flex Desks - Seminarräume - Geschäftsadresse - Workshops - Events

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Описание Hi everyone!

We're planning to open a coworking space beginning 2018 in the beautiful city Trier.

This will be a place of exchange, creativity and productivity (oh and of course, of fun!).

We are looking to create a real community of people from different horizons that share a common objective: be social, learn from one another, be creative and last but not least, be productive.

* Are you self-employed and sick of working from home all by yourself?

* Are you a small business owner, looking for a low-cost and inspiring HQ for your business that includes everything you need - but with the flexibility on top?

* Are you employee but home based - maybe only a couple days a week - to avoid driving to Luxemburg?

We got you covered!

We'll have everything you need: meeting rooms with beamer, desks, pods to isolate yourself in case you need make phone calls or just be alone, coffee & tea, printing, scanning, a lounge area, a terrace (when the weather allows it!), a kitchen, games, a shower (if you're a runner or if you come by bike) ... It's all about balance!

We will be organizing events, social gatherings, workshops and more. This is a community and members' initiatives will be more than welcome. Those will also be a great occasion to get to know your coworkers.

What are the advantages of coworking spaces?

At the moment there are about 8000 coworking spaces worldwide, and soon there'll be one in Trier !

Coworking enhances motivation, success but also people's professional network. It's also a great source of learning and sharing for many people.

It's been proven that coworkers are more efficent, less prone to procrastination, some report feeling healthier, having lower stress levels, interacting better with others, making more money, feeling more confident, ...

The membership will be as flexible (one day drop-in to a whole year) and as affordable as possible.

More info coming soon!

PS: we speak French and German (of course)

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